Welcome to the MBCA Channel Islands Section!

Chartered in 1979, the Channel Islands Section, included in MBCA’s South-West Region, covers the general area between Westlake/Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara, Ca.  We derive our name from the off-shore islands in the Santa Barbara Channel along California’s south-central coast. We hold monthly events focused on the Mercedes-Benz marque including various social, driving, car show and technical speaker venues. Some of our past featured events include:

  • Pismo Parade Rally\
  • Paso Robles Wine Weekend
  • Death Valley Venture
  • NAS Point Mugu Beach Weekend
  • Annual Clean Car Show, pioneered by the section in 1978
  • “Mystery” lunch rallys to various locations

The yearly calendar includes our annual Holiday party and other varied events like mystery lunch and poker rallys and tours of car museums and collections. The section publishes a monthly newsletter, the Channel Islands Star, to keep our members updated of both upcoming and past events and section and MBCA matters of interest (see column to right “section newsletters.”)  Similar updates are included in the section’s website. The section’s board, consisting of our elected and appointed officers, meets monthly. Section events are set up by our members and coordinated through the Vice-President for Activities.