Q: How do I  join the Channel Islands Section?
A: Easy! First you must join MBCA by calling 800-637-2360, or visit www.mbca.org. Follow the links to join. You will be asked what section you want to be part of.  Just type  “Channel Islands Section.”

Q: Can I join any section I want?
A: Yes. You may select the section of choice but if you don’t you’ll  be assigned to a section based on your zip code. Be sure to indicate “Channel Islands Section.”

Q: When I join MBCA what happens?
A: After joining MBCA you will be added to the Channel Islands Section mailing list .  Your name and address will be in that listing so you’ll receive the section newsletter and the STAR Magazine.

Q: How is MBCA organized?
A: There’s a National board consisting of the RD’s, (Regional Directors)  DALs, (Directors at Large) and the elected officers. Similarly each local section typically has an elected board consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer plus several appointed board members.

Q: How are events set up?
A: A  key to MBCA is its orientation based on local section events. Events can take any form: car rally or show, a dinner or lunch, a speaker, a tech session or any combination. Events are limited only by one’s imagination, primarily related to the Mercedes-Benz marque. And there are periodic regional and national events coordinated by volunteers from the hosting regions and sections

Q: Who sets up events for the Channel Islands Section?
A: The members. Typically the Vice President coordinates the events but the event’s  details are put together by the member.

Q: I have an idea for and event, how do I make it happen?
A: Easy! Just contact any of the board members and they will be happy to help you. The important thing is that you have your idea. We’ll help you put it together!